The beginning

Allow me to explain this brand new blog. Kerning is a graphic design term – it’s when a designer adjusts the spacing between characters. It’s meticulous and imperative to good design. The ability to kern well is what separates the professionals from the amateurs…the men from the boys (unless the designer is female, then it just separates the professionals from the amateurs). I suppose one could say it separates the women from the girls but calling a woman a girl doesn’t carry the same connotation as calling a man a boy. The male ego is a complex and bizarre thing. Anyway, back to the definition of kerning…the pun in my title, “I KERN’t it.” It’s because I “kern’t” stand bad design. Funny, right? Agree with me or I kill you.

We begin my first entry with a wonderful example of bad, bad, bad, holy crap this is piss-awful design. In all honesty, It took me quite a while to deciphered this. Let’s see how long it takes you.

Yeah…Even Papyrus would be an improvement here, and that’s saying something. In case you aren’t familiar with Papyrus, it’s hideous. You know the ugly subtitles in Avatar whenever the na’vi are speaking? That’s Papyrus.

I can understand the logic behind purchasing a sign like this. “We want something that will capture the public’s attention – something that screams, ‘Look at me’.” Well, this one definitely screams. The paradox is, you want something that is elegantly under spoken. In a culture that worships deadlines and busy lifestyles, the last thing we need is another thing screaming at us. This is a store for fashionable jewelry. Hopefully it’s inexpensive, playful jewelry because this sign looks cheap. If this store sells high quality jewelry, they have a bigger problem than I thought.

Honestly, I could make an entire blog about bad signage. That wouldn’t be very fun, however. We need to spice things up – we want all things design. Because this is a design blog and not a signage blog, this is my plan for blog entries:

Week 1: Signage

Week 2: Products

Week 3: Advertising

Week 4: WILD CARD!!! (Whenever one uses the phrase “wild card” one has to scream like a drunken Texan. Hence the excessive exclamation marks and all caps.)

What do you think?  Seriously, I’m curious to know.

By the way, the sign says, “FULL LINE COLLECTION Fashion Jewelry & Accessories.” This brings me to my quick and final point. A good sign must be legible. This looks like it says FUBB BilE something or another.



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2 responses to “The beginning

  1. Jon

    You are dead on my friend! We designers need to educate the public on these horrible offenses and this is a great way to draw attention to what is BAD! Nothing bothers me more than a really, really bad sign. I once worked for a sign man when I was younger and he had a saying. “A business with no sign is a sign of no business.” I wonder if a business with a bad sign is a sign of bad business or just bad taste?

  2. nikparks

    Hahaha. I really think it is, Jon!

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