Spanish Hospital

Sorry for my delayed entry, folks. I’ve been on a lovely visit to my home state—Arkansas.

I actually found this petrifying ad in the airport during my layover in North Carolina. Like I tweeted earlier, what exactly is their target demographic? People are already afraid of doctors. Dr. Stethoscope-face doesn’t help with the scary factor.  I just picture the end of the stethoscope (the part that the doctor places on your chest) being a tongue/elephant trunk. Imagine a doctor with a voice that sounds like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs, licking you with his stethoscope tongue to see if you have a healthy heart. Of course I have an elevated heart rate, you’re a freak!

You probably can’t read the text in the ad because it’s a fairly low res photo, I had to use my droid. It states that Spanish hospitals have disclosed patient information with other Spanish hospitals for efficiency. This isn’t a health care reform blog, I know, I know…but I’m just saying…isn’t doctor patient confidentiality part of the Hippocratic Oath?

I honestly don’t have an in depth critique for this one. I can’t dissect the typography or other intricacies of graphic design. This one just misses the mark—big time. It’s unnerving and ominous. It’s a scary design for an already scary field. Even if there are compelling articles for this, the tag line, “Now every doctor knows you personally” makes me feel like my privacy is being invaded. Perhaps Spanish hospitals are the new Big Brother (step aside, Facebook.)

On a different note, I’ve redesigned and redeveloped my portfolio site. Feel free to venture on over at


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