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I presume this is a very expensive campaign because my subway stop is completely covered in these advertisements. As a campaign, I’d say that they can stand out in one’s memory. Separately, I’d say they are ugly. Some are almost witty—almost. Others are just painfully bad.

Almost witty. Condiments…yes, yes, we get your innuendo. But like I said, others are just  painfully bad.

Yeah. I’m confused. Is the chick popping out of a box or is she scanning pictures of her butt? I really can’t tell. According to GrubHub, “A better office lunch is only a few clicks away.” Well, that would have to be a pretty stinkin’ good lunch if it could top wearing your necktie around your head and having amputees dancing behind you. I mean, who could imagine a better lunch than that?

No shirt, no shoes, no problem? More like, “No hands, no feet, no problem.” Why are so many people in this campaign missing hands and feet?? I’m. just. so. confused.

This one doesn’t make sense at all. It’s a very, very, very weak concept. It’s worse than weak…it’s feeble. Am I the only one who sees a person who lives in a cardboard box, holding an empty wine glass, and asking birds where she can get food? Yeah…that’s not a crazy person…Just put some aluminum foil on your head so the government can’t read your thoughts, while you’re at it.

I will say that from a marketing perspective, one could argue that this is a sound campaign. It’s instantly recognizable. All of the ads have large white margins. The background of each ad is comprised of two rectangles of similar hues, one slightly protruding over the other. From a marketing standpoint, I suppose this could be labeled a success (I’m not sure, marketing isn’t exactly my area of expertise).

My area of expertise is, however, in design. And these are just immature and simplistic. I believe I covered in my first entry the difference between simple and simplistic. Simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve in design. For a perfect example of simplicity, look at Apple. They always nail it.

This, on the other hand, is simplistic. It’s flat and amateurish. It contains no depth, whatsoever.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading.

-Nik Parks


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One response to “GrubHub

  1. You’re right Nik–these ads certainly don’t make me want to order food from this place!

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