What kind of acid is this doctor using?

Unless this “doctor” is a veterinarian for unicorns, he needs a new brand—a brand makeover, if you will. Funny how a doctor who specializes in the appearance of one’s face needs a makeover. Oh, the irony.

If you were to put Andy Warhol, LSD and princess paraphernalia in a blender, I don’t think the result would be too different from this.

As far as I know, these ads can only be found on the subway. I will admit, Dr. Zizmor, the subway is an appropriate place for your ads…but that’s only because they stay below ground.

You probably can’t read the ad but he now offers a fruit acid peel! I’m going to just go ahead and say it…yeah, this guy is definitely using acid.

I know these photos aren’t very good. A man can only do so much with a camera in a moving vehicle with poor lighting, you know?…

Not too long ago, I critiqued the design for the new movie Drive with Ryan Gosling. Click here to read the entry. I actually just saw the film last night  (I know, I critiqued the typography before watching the movie. I still hold the same opinion after watching it). The film was shockingly violent! In one scene (don’t worry, no spoilers) a man is stabbed in the eye with a fork. I kind of feel like that guy when I look at these ads.

Another thing, I’m only seeing women in his ads. What’s that all about? What kind of operation (yes, pun intended) is he running here?

I guess women who point at balloons just sell. You can’t argue with the facts.


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One response to “What kind of acid is this doctor using?

  1. Someone needs to get the Design Police after that doctor!

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