You’re too slutty for Fall Harvest

I’m sure you all know that Halloween is just around the corner…or as I had to refer to it when I was in school: Fall harvest.

From preschool–12th grade, I went to a private Baptist school that forbade Halloween. Instead, we celebrated Fall Harvest. It was exactly like Halloween in every way except we couldn’t dress as demons or ghosts. The girls couldn’t wear anything slutty, which was perfectly ironic…seeing as how the principle was a pedophile. He’s currently serving time in jail and is a registered sex offender.

(Awkward silence) Ahem! So! On a lighter note, Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love scarves and sweaters and pumpkin spiced anything! Especially coffee!

In commemoration of my favorite season, why not have a Halloween themed post? I’m sure you’ve all seen those Halloween stores that pop up out of nowhere.

Because they are only around 2-3 months a year, it’s not absolutely imperative that they have a perfect brand identity. They don’t have to be like Apple per se, but they have no excuse for such tacky logos and inconsistency.

Abracadabra Superstore: This is basically the Avada Kedavra curse for logos.

We’ve gone from an ugly Addams Family-esque typeface to an ugly Addams Family-esque typeface with ALL CAPS and curved text. Yowza, that’s bad! Consistency is key in brand identity. These guys definitely missed it.

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky…I don’t like your negative space. When negative space is executed well…oh baby! But when it’s executed poorly, as in this case, it’s just not effective communication. For an excellent example of negative space, check out the FedEx logo. There’s an arrow in between the “E” and the “x”.

Coming back to Ricky, what happened to the negative space? You mean to tell me that the logo from their site is different than the one on their store sign? Hmm…I’m starting to see a pattern with these Halloween stores. Complete. Freakin’. Lack of consistency.

Their logo is far too busy. I’m seeing four different fonts in this one logo. That many fonts is unacceptable. NYC shouldn’t be at the bottom of the “S” in “RICKY’S”. This is all far too arbitrary.

In case you’re wondering, creepy jesters with red eyes don’t make endearing logos. I’m glad we’ve cleared that up.

I conducted a survey to see what would be preferable amongst the following options. Here’s what the people had to say:

Side note: Philosophically speaking, what makes a person “real”? Is it someone who makes a lasting impact that transcends culture and generations? If so, Harry Potter is more “real” than most people will ever be. If this establishes that fictitious characters (i.e. Harry Potter) can be real…then the people I made up in my head and interviewed for this graph are also real people, making this a legitimate survey.

To any fellow designers who feel the need to point out that there are widows in my graph: Their spouses were among the majority that chose option five (very slow death by zombies).

If you don’t know what a widow is in terms of graphic design, I’ll discuss that another time. Just know I made a pun and I’m quite proud of it.

P.S. I’ve managed to fit two Harry Potter references in my Halloween post. Bam! Peace out, ya’ll.


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