Parody: the cop out of creativity

I can enjoy a good parody—I love Mel Brooks. A parody can be great for comedy. In design, however, it’s usually an unsuccessful substitute for a concept.

Concept is crucial in design, it can not be substituted. Without a concept, the design is worthless.

Really, food network?? An Indiana Jones parody. Wow, very timely, guys. Whenever looking for a good cookbook, I think to myself, “Hmm. What parody of a 1980’s icon would entice me to cook?”

Below is what I call a good parody:

This is poor/pixelated quality but if you know anything about hipsters…it’s kind of appropriate. Don’t worry, I’m not about to go off on an anti-hipster rant. I think hipster HATERS are much more annoying than hipsters. If young adults with affluent parents want to gentrify low income areas of Brooklyn, who am I to judge?

I don’t understand all of the hate. They’re a people who love bicycles and irony. Just let them be.

Back to terrible parody, the commercial below makes me wish Virgin Mobile would go bankrupt. I’m not being dramatic. I seriously wish that upon them.

Gosh, that video vexes me. Let’s see what Indy thinks.

Well said, Professor. Well said.


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