About this blog: Kerning is a graphic design term. I kern‘t stand bad design. Get it?

Bad design is ubiquitous. It must be critiqued, ridiculed and ultimately stopped.

This is also a blog about tech news, marketing, entrepreneurship and social media.

About me: I’m told occasionally that I look young for my age. Most people take this as a compliment. I do not. I haven’t been a teenager for quite some time now, thank you very much.

My name is Nik Parks, nice to meet you. I’m originally from North Little Rock, Arkansas. Now I live in New York City!

New Yorkers often seem surprised to learn that I’m Southern. I suppose I’m living proof that Arkansans can, in fact, have all their teeth, own several pairs of shoes, refuse to chew tobacco and morally oppose dating one’s cousin. Any other stereotypes I should debunk?

I have a B.S. in Graphic and Web Design from John Brown University (no relation to the 19th century abolitionist who slaughtered a family of slave owners in Kansas). And yes, I see the irony of spending five years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that says B.S. on it.

I’m the cofounder of a tech startup called ThompsonParks. Much of the content of this blog will come from owning a startup in New York City.

Pretty cool, huh?


One response to “About

  1. Hi Nik,
    My name is Vincent Vargas, and I am a good friend of your roommate Brian Carson. Brian and I went to the NY Film festival last night, and he told me about your blog. Good job! I run two websites. One dedicated to composer Richard Wagner: http://www.wagneroperas.com and another dedicated to the movie CASABLANCA: http://www.vincasa.com.

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