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Addicted to Pawn

Boy, I was careful with my spelling when I Googled these shows.

Pawn Stars

Honestly, this isn’t a bad design. It clearly communicates the essence of the show and clearly targets a particular demographic. It has enough mystery to attract new viewers and it clearly states when the show is being televised without distracting the viewer from the focal point.

So if this is a good design, why is it on my blog?

At first, I thought the network had simply recycled an idea. (Hollywood has been known to do that on occasion.)

But then I realized that these are on two completely different networks—Pawn Stars is on the History Channel and Hardcore Pawn is on truTV.

So my question is, how the heck is this not blatant intellectual property theft?

Hardcore Pawn

Come on guys…really? REALLY?!

Because I haven’t seen the shows, my critique can’t rightfully go beyond the designs. However, this guy on imdb.com seems to have summarized it quite well.



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